We all know that neither giving nor receiving care is easy. As time goes by and your elderly parents grow older, healthcare can quickly turn into a full-time duty requiring more time from your side. That is when our healthcare services step in - and make most of healthcare for your beloved seniors.
Our goal is to enable older adults to maintain a quality of life, to live in their community, and at the same time obtain coordinated care and supports from the community

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 Elderly / Homebound Patients Care

Patients Centered Medical Home

Concierge Health Care

Tele-Medicine / Doctor Video Visits

Physicians / Nurse Practitioners Home Visit

Medical Supporting Services to Homecare and Assisted Living Facilities 


Our Mission: 
eVillageCare, we take pride in being a leader that provides outstanding concierge health services to homebound and elderly patients. Thanks to our compassionate care, vast experience and outstanding support, we ensure that every clients of ours gets a treatment that is tailored to their most exact needs.

Dr. Ming Li Tsang and EVillage Care:  
Pioneering a modern idea in a world full of elderly care services, it was Dr. Ming Li Tsang who first set the cornerstone of eVillage Care as a company. Inspired by his youth days and the specialization in his mom's nursing home facility in Hong Kong, Dr. Ming Li Tsang made his passion in elderly care medicine official with the foundation of eVillage Care as the one-stop destination for elderly care to the senior community.

It was exactly the advanced technology, vast experience and broad interest in elderly care that has set eVillage Care apart from the competition. In a current health system that does not provide adequate care for the elderly patients, Dr. Ming Li Tsang saw a great opportunity and took advantage of the lack of support and adequate care in the senior community.

In a system that suffers from lack of coordination and a lot of confusion, eVillage Care steps in as the go-to service of all homebound patients seeking for professional care at affordable prices. Without the need to check in to emergency care whenever a health problem occurs, our platform connects patients with experts and takes the health awareness to the next level.

Another benefit of our tailored senior care services is the social support which is key when it comes to coordinated care from both the caregivers and family members. These two core values definitely add up to the truly personal patient experience that Dr. Tsang instilled into the company spirit when founding eVillage Care.

At the end of the day, senior care is all about going the extra mile, providing a quality of life and being able to offer a placement in a community that supports and coordinates every aspect of modern medicine for elderly patients.



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 Ming Li Tsang – Medical Director
Lily Fung – Nurse Practitioner

Danny Lam – Patient Care Coordinator  
Anna Yee
 Medical Assistant 
Bonnie Ng
– Operation Manager
Jason Trinh – Finance Manager

Our membership services include but are not limited to: 

  • The initial doctor visit

  • Medical assistant follow-ups on a regular basis and in case of any issues

  • Specimen collection

  • Doctor / Nurse Practitioner video visit on a monthly basis

  • Nurse practitioner home visit upon request 

  • Prescriptions and refills available on-demand via phone or video call. 

  • As a leading senior care concierge company, we also provide free member training for the seniors, their family members, and caregivers, helping them better understand and utilize our services.


For Homecare and Assisted Living Facilities: please contact us for more details about our supporting services to your facilities 



Each and every one of the services we offer at eVillage Care is tailored to the needs of the senior care patients and most importantly, transparent when it comes to pricing. Our main pricing plan is:

$1,700 annually 

or $925 semi-annually.

Aside from our main membership service, we also provide additional tele-medicine visits upon request (priced at $95 for the initial and $75 for any additional follow-up visits). 

If you are interested in learning more about us, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.


eVillage Care - for senior care that truly matters!


eVillage Care Inc,
909 Hyde Street, Suite 430
San Francisco, CA 94109
Tel: 415-766-8457
Fax: 415-962-1335

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